Vintage Diya Ek

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The antique brass Vintage Diya – a timeless symbol of divinity and illumination, exudes vintage charm and spiritual magic. Traditionally used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies, this antique diya symbolises the presence of the divine and the triumph of light over darkness. Whether used for religious rituals, meditation practices, or simply as a decorative accent, this antique Diya serves as a captivating reminder of spirituality and grace.

Handcrafted in durable brass by skilled artisans of Gujarat, Western India, this antique brass diya showcases intricate detailing and a rich patina that evokes a sense of history and heritage. This antique diya is also crafted for easy use, with multiple grooves for diya vaati / cotton wicks, a practical handle and an additional detail of the holy serpent / naag known to ward off negativity.

This antqiue-style VintageDiya is ideal for display on a shrine, altar, or mantel to create a serene and sacred atmosphere, for daily pooja rituals like aartis or to add a touch of elegance to your home décor. This antique brass Diya is a perfect gift for devotees, collectors, or anyone seeking to infuse their home with spiritual significance.

5” L X 4.5” W X 2.5“ ht

249 gms


Brass oxidise on exposure to the atmosphere. In time, your copper/brass products may darken and begin to acquire a patina. Your product needs daily care to prevent oxidation. It should be washed with a soft cloth and a metal cleaning agent like Pitambari, lime & salt, or vinegar & salt or tamarind. Wipe dry immediately or else water residues will leave stains. Some waters cause dark spots on copper/brass. To remove, apply tamarind or vinegar or lime concentrate and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water.

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