Karanji Diwali Tealight

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The Karanji tealight is a fresh take on tealights inspired by a traditional Indian mithai or sweet treat called Karanji also known as as Karjikai or Karigadubu (in Kannada), Kajjikayalu (in Telugu), Ghughra (in Gujarati) and Somas (in Tamil) and Gujjiya in North India in different parts of the country. These half-moon-shaped fried pastries are stuffed with a mix of shredded coconut, dried fruits, sesame seeds and delicious seasonings.

The tealight has been made using the traditional sheet metal work technique and spun by hand. Keeping traditional handcrafting processes intact, while creating a modern object that can be used in our homes.

The leitmotif on it is the Karanji, a traditional Indian sweet made on festive occasions like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi.

These tealights make for an absolutely delightful addition to your festive celebrations, tablescape. They would stand out as Diwali gifts and favours – as they truly are one of a kind.

4.75'' dia x 2'' ht

118 gms

Copper with a clear lacquer coat & Brass handle

Since copper is a pure metal, it oxidises on exposure to the atmosphere. The lacquer coat retards the oxidation and helps retain the shop-sheen of the copper product. In time, your lacquered products may darken and the copper will begin to acquire a patina as it ages. To clean, wipe with a dry or soft moist cloth. Never wash your lacquered products.

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