Fusion Lamp

Rs. 8,300 Regular price

As the name suggests, this fusion lamp is one which combines Indian tradition with modern designs and made of 2 pure metals; brass and copper. Hang it over your dining table to add glamour to the room.

15" dia x 7" ht

1kg 87gms

Copper, with a clear lacquer coat

Your lamp comes with a 1m long wire, a B22 bulb holder and a copper or brass coloured bezel. Use a CFL or LED bulb in your copper light ware. Never use an incandescent bulb with your copper lamp, as the bulb will cause the copper to heat up. Since copper is a pure metal, it is prone to oxidising on exposure to the atmosphere. The lacquer coat on your light-ware retards the natural oxidation process and helps retain the shop-sheen of the copper product. In time, your lacquered copper/brass products may darken and begin to acquire a patina. To clean your lacquered copper light-ware, wipe clean with a moist soft cloth. Never wash your light-ware.

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