Luxe Dessert Bowl Set

Luxe Living glorifies the tradition of dining in silverwares with a modern take on aesthetic.

With down to earth contours, this silver dessert set is reminiscent of yesteryears when dining was an elaborate affair and lasting memories were made around a dining table. Undoubtedly makes an exclusive gift be it for an anniversary, wedding, Diwali or just to show someone how special they are.

This silver dessert bowl is all luxe and regality for all your sweet cravings and conclude a meal on the perfect note. These dessert bowls can be used to serve all varieties of desserts warm and cold and great for fruits as well. Comes in a set of 2.

Size : 4'' dia , 1.5'' ht

Weight : 185 grams

Material : Copper with silver plating

Delivery Period : 10 Days





Rs. 1,600

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