Chicory Chai

Coppre is proud to present Himani Grover’s Chicory Chai. 

Each creation of Chicory Chai is 100% handcrafted one piece at a time, without using any industrial technique of mass production. it passes many artisanal hands from being a simple sheet of metal to being a carefully crafted wearable art that retains the old-world charm

Himani believes that no Chicory Chai piece has a perfect moment; nor is it ever permanent or complete. It is on a continuous journey from dreamer to a creator to master as it evolves over time. 

Iravati Necklace
Gayatri Necklce
Chitrangada Necklace
Kannagi Necklace
Amrapali Coin Earrings
Quarter Do Earrings
Teen Char Earrings
Samyukta Neckwear
Indira Neckwear
Padmavati Neckwear
Chair by chair bangle
Ek Aana fringe bracelet
Das Paisa bracelet
Khazana earrings
Quarter do ring
Aadha Do earrings
Do Quarter Dot earrings
Ek Quarter ring
Teen ring
Chaar ke chaar ring