Where are you based?

We are based in Western India, in Pune, Maharashtra.

About the logo

'Coppre' was christened to be as simple as Copper in both spirit and name and also reflect the contemporary feel of our work: using a traditional skill and material to address modern needs and sensibilities.' Impressions of 'Matharkaam', the hand-beaten work, which is the hallmark of Tambat craft, adorn the corners of the logo.

Who designs Coppre wares?

Our wares are designed by Rashmi Ranade, the Founder and Chief Designer at Coppre.

How do I pronounce Coppre?

'Coppre' is pronounced just as 'Copper'.

Caring for Coppre wares

Please have a look at our Product Care page to know more about caring for your Coppre wares. Coppre wares ship in three kinds of finishes: with silvering, with a lacquer coating, without any coating.

Can I eat or serve food in Coppre wares?

Copper can be used to serve dry food with a lining between the surface and the food. You can use butter paper or a plantain leaf for the lining. Copper as a metal reacts with the natural acids in food. One should never serve liquids (with the exception of water) without lining the surface.

Does drinking water stored in a copper container have health benefits?

Copper purifies water and has innumerable health benefits. The water carafes are a perfect blend of the old in the new. It brings together the age-old practice of drinking water stored in copperware (Tamrajal) in a beautiful design du jour. Keep it at your bedside or carry it where you go.

Are Coppre wares lead free and safe to drink/ eat from?
Copper wares are made of pure copper (99%) and are totally lead-free. We test the sheet before starting our production at an independent laboratory.You could get a copy of the test certificate confirming the absence of any lead (Pb) in the copper used. The copper we use is tested at "Metallurgical Testing Laboratory Services" an ISO- 9001-2008 certified company.

Bulk Order

We do take bulk orders. Write to hello@coppre.in for more details.

Do you supply to retail stores?

We supply to select retail stores in India and overseas. Please write to us to get a list of the stockers. Please note that our retail partners stock select designs from our collections.