More than a decade ago we started working with the metal artisans of the Western state of Maharashtra. We saw the powerhouse of artisanal skill and knowhow – on the verge of redundancy. From our design eye, we could also see the transformative power of design. How it could reinvent traditional forms and contours to suit contemporary homes and living.

We convinced the master craftsmen to experiment with us. A new typology of products was born to suit the needs and aesthetic sensibilities for today.

Recognizing both thepotential and the possibility, Forbes Marshall Foundation and INTACH Pune came together to fund and execute the feasibility of taking the craft to its next era. A livelihood project was formed in the hope that the project would eventually be formed into a sustainable enterprisefor the greater good and benefit of the artisans and the heritage craft itself. Studio Coppre was eventually conceptualized into a social venture in 2014.

Over the last five years, our work has positively impacted artisans, empowered them with new perspectives, paradigms, skills and reinstated the pride of handcrafting. Some of their revenues have increased five times over.

We have created a paradigm shift in the way the craft has been perceived by consumers and others in the design fraternity who now see a potential in artisanal metal.

Our Products

Our products are carriers of culture. We take the heritage handcrafting process, the artisanal skills and knowhow and create new products suited for contemporary homes and living.

Design, Production, Packaging

A design process that factors trends and end-user convenience along with retaining traditional handcrafting is at the core of our work. Raw materials are tested for authenticity. Products are finished with cleaning, lacquering for non-food products, adequate packaging and presentation.

Circular Living

Our objects are made to last, and can be recycled in ways and materials that are gentle (r) to mother earth.

80% of the metal we source is from recyclable metals to lower environmental impact.


We collaborate with artisans and designers as well. This includes our work with Milan-based Riccardo Giovanetti and Pune-based SĀR.

The Future

We will continue to design and produce edits of our metalwares and other materials,in tune with principles we align with – conscious living and mindful consumption.

We will continue to reconstitute and revive. And breathe new life into our heritage crafts. Because It gives us joy. And purpose.

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