Studio Coppre is a Pune-based social venture working to revive heritage metal crafts. Having understood the gap in the market for high‐quality handcrafted wares and the need to promote and preserve artisanal skills of metal workers, Coppre designs, produces and markets handcrafted contemporary wares.

Coppre addresses the need of bringing highly skilled metal-working artisans (mainly copper) into the economic mainstream. The organisation also promotes a culture- based development model that focuses on heritage and craft preservation.

The organizational intervention is multifold and spans product design & development, production, operations and finance and marketing the main marketing channels include our own e-commerce site, our studio store, retail both online and offline and a small margin that comes in from exports.

In its inception, Coppre was a livelihood development project funded by Forbes Foundation and INTACH, Pune Chapter that spanned over two years. This period brought the core management team together and laid down the foundational goals of heritage craft preservation for a for-profit social venture aimed at sustainability.

Studio Coppre Pvt Ltd was formed in 2014 by Rashmi Ranade, Chhanda Bihari, Sudakshina Sinha Banerjee and Seemantini Mihir under the leadership and mentorship of Mr. Adhar Mirchandani. In early, 2016 Coppre received a round one funding from 5F World of Ganesh Natarajan and Uma Ganesh and Aasiya Tejani.