Iravati Necklace

This neckwear is made using three different kinds of coins - Quarter aana, Ek napa paisa & Bees paisa. Adjustable husli. 

Material : Original antique coins set in re-cycled brass. 100% handcrafted.

Size : Check the third image for referance.

Care Instructions : This jewellery is not artificially plated hence it tends to dull. Enjoy its beauty as it ages with time. To bring it back to shine, clean it with cotton dipped in edible vinegar and wash it under running water. Dab it with fine cotton fabric and viola! It’s back to being bright. 

Disclaimer : High on details. Made without using any technique of industrial mass production. The coins are original and can belong to Pre-Independent India. 

Delivery :  14 working days


Rs. 11,252

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