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A paraat is an integral part of the Indian kitchen. Known by different names across different regions in India - it is usually used to make a dough and in the prep of all sorts of Indian breads both sweet and savory. It is also used for pujas. 

You can use for the above and also as a tray, a charger plate or even to as an organizer for keys and knick-knacks at your entryway. 

The paraat is a part of our Artisan's Trunk Edit. It may not have the finish of our other products. 

Size: 12.5'' dia x 2'' ht

Weight: 740 gms

Material: Brass

Please note this is a remake of a traditional product. Replicable on request. It retains the rustic charm common in handcrafted pieces. It retains the rustic charm common in handcrafted artisanal products and may have uneven surfaces or edges.


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