Stout Water Carafe

The Stout Carafe comes in a clean finish with two utilities rolled into one sleek water carafe-to store water and two tumblers to drink from. Sits very pretty on a bedside table, kitchen counter or a dining table. Inspired by the traditional lota design, with our addition of two glasses per carafe.

Water Capacity: 1 Ltr

Size: 5.9" dia x 6.25" ht.

Weight: 610 grams

Material: 99% pure Copper, unlacquered.

How to make Tamrajal or charge water with copper?

Wash and clean the water carafe.

Wipe dry.

Fill and store water for 8 hours.

Consume on waking early, on an empty stomach for best benefits.

Empty water from the carafe after 8 hours of storage.

The copper we use at our Studio is:

Tested for purity, every batch.

Sourced from a reliable source.

Cleaned and purified before packaging.

Some of the copper used is purified recycled copper minimizing the impact on the environment.

Known benefits of drinking Tamrajal, copper-charged water:

Balances the doshas in the body which is the foundation of good health and well-being.

Aids digestion and weight loss.

Helps heal wounds faster. 


Rs. 3,300

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