Derived from the Tamil word Urulai which means ‘round bowl,’ Urlis were traditionally used to prepare ayurvedic medicines and cook food for festive occasions in India. The humble Urli or Floater has now evolved into a chic piece of modern décor and tableware.

Try our pure copper floaters that come in varying shapes and sizes. It is a great handcrafted accent piece for your home or office and can be used in multiple ways – as a serveware, organizer, floater, tray and more. These handcrafted, utilitarian accents add the element of newness and panache! Copper’s resplendent colour shines through the hand-beaten surface of our Floaters.

1. Float Flowers and Tealights - Create a relaxing and meditative ambience when the sun goes down by floating fresh flowers and tealight candles in the Royal Floater. You can use jasmine, frangipani, marigold, lilies or any other flowers you like. The flowers can be floated as a whole or sprinkle their petals in water. Place it in the foyer, nook or as a centerpiece on a table.

2. Serve Rotis and Breads - Give your regular serveware a miss! The copper Meditation Urli can be used for special occasions when you are entertaining guests. Line it with a cloth, butter paper or banana leaf and use it to serve, handmade rotis, bhakris, thalipeeth and various other breads made from healthy millets, wheat or rice flours. Wet food should not be put in copperware unless it is tinned or has a stainless steel lining.

3. Serve Sweets and Nuts - Add a gorgeous royal touch of silver to your tableware with our Silvered Resonance Floater. Silver is non-toxic, rich in antibacterial properties and believed to boost immunity. You can not only enjoy sweets and nuts but a wide range of other food items.

4. Serve Tidbits - The Resonance Floater can also be used to serve tidbits and munchies when you have family and friends over. A great conversation starter, lay out your snacks in style and have a great time together with your loved ones!

5. Stock your Chocolates - Lastly, if you are a chocoholic then the Meditation Urli can also double up to serve and stock your favorite chocolates.

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