Tulsi Kansa Platter

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The Tulsi Kansa Thali/Platter is our signature piece in the 2015 Metal Eclectic collection. It embodies our quest to seek tradition and interpret it for this day and age. The Platter will enhance your festive meals and is also said to be healthy for everyday use. Use for dining.

Dispatch Period: 5 Days

Elements of the 1 Thali Set consisting of the following 6 pieces -

Thali ( 1 qty ) - 12.2'' dia x 1.1'' ht

Katori ( 2 qty ) - 3.4'' dia x 1.25'' ht

Katori Small ( 1 qty ) - 4.25'' dia x 1'' ht

Glass ( 1 qty ) - 2.6'' dia x 3.85'' ht

Spoon (1 qty) - 1.25'' x 6.28" length

1 kg 340 gms

Kansa (Bronze)

Your Kansa tableware is 100% food-safe. To maintain your Kansa, clean with a soft cloth and Pitambari(metal polish) diluted with water or with lime & salt or vinegar & salt or tamarind. Wipe dry immediately after washing, otherwise the water will leave stains on your product. Never use abrasive cleaning pads on your Kansa tableware. Kansa changes colour with use - its golden hue will lighten over time.

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