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As do many of us today, that we need to slow down. That runaway growth simply cannot be sustained by our one and only Planet Earth. And that one way to address this holistically, is by buying less, but buying things that will last; by buying things that are gentler to our planet; and by buying things that directly support livelihoods of the underprivileged and under represented.

we practice

We’ve made a paradigm shift from the way traditional artisanal sectors have been transacted with in the past. You can see our Income Distribution parameters here. Other parameters that form the modus operandi for our artisanal work are below. We’re still learning! Write in for a deeper conversation / chat on artisan-related work.

revenue distribution

How the pie gets parcelled out

At Coppre we care deeply about the interests of the artisan communities we work with. Our products are priced in a way that ensures that our artisans make a fair deal from the sale of each and every product that is labouriously crafted by them. Organisations who market their artisanal products at a lower price, are probably unable to remunerate their artisans in a just manner.We believe that a well designed, well crafted product which will not tumble into obsolescence in a foreseeable future, needs to reward its maker in a fair manner. Every artisanal enterprise struggles between tradeoffs of costs and growth. So do we. But you be can rest assured that we will continue to strive to make the two ends of benefitting both artisans and you dear customer meet, without sacrificing one for the other.

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