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Christmas Gifting 2022

Don't sweat yourself out about the gifts you need to buy as Christmas approaches. Enhance your house into a home with our vibrant and on-trend collection of copper home decor items. Get some basket...

Poetry of Basketry

Tales of Moonj Craft. Hand-coiled and tied Basketry. A light yet tough type of grass called Kaans takes centre-stage in our Basketry capsule from the Moonj Craft. This is the poetry of making by ha...

Musings of a Beginner Yogi

On the occasion of International Yoga Day Coppre invites young yoga practitioner Aashna B who writes about her journey with yoga. From merely looking at it as an exercising routine, she today medit...

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What’s cooking for dinner tonight? Are the clothes pressed and kept ready for tomorrow’s meeting? Did the courier arrive with the gift for the weekend housewarming party of a dear friend? Only one ...
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