Purifying Copper

A Covid Edit. Heroing the innate antimicrobial propensity of copper. Because we started looking at Touch and Surface in an entirely new way during the Pandemic of 2020. Purifying Copper is a collection of wall pegs, tumblers, an entryway sorter pod and a door plate - the surfaces that we come in contact with the most when we enter home or office.

The raison d'être to hero copper in these objects is the ability of the material copper to minimise the duration of time that a virus like Corona can stay on a surface. The Corona virus is known to survive for only four hours on copper as against other materials like plastic, steel and glass. And that it can look so good while doing this.

Designed in Collaboration with Unmesh Kulkarni, this Edit was developed largely during the Lockdown months of 2020. Unmesh, a product designer with a journey shaped by curiosity, recently founded Oceanic Circles, a collective for social design and innovation.