It is heartening to see the pride in Bhalchandra Kadu's eyes : a pride for his art, craft heritage and lineage. It is the kind of pride that's amiss, rare even, amongst craftspeople today.

'Kadusaab' (as the Coppre team calls him) is a dynamic, energetic and enterprising individual. He is the seventh generation in his family to follow the craft of Tambat. Like his ancestors, he was crafting traditional Tambat vessels until 1985. Since then he set up his own workshop with the intention of deriving creative satisfaction but more importantly to break away from the loop of 'daily wages'.

Until today, Tambat craftspeople earn a daily wage of Rs. 200 for eight hours of work. Coppre in its work along with INTACH Pune Chapter has been involved in sensitising and encouraging the community to sell their wares as individual pieces of art, rather than for daily wages or material weightage.

A visitor book sits on his table where he also keeps newspaper clippings of celebrity visits. He particularly takes immense pleasure in sharing the news clippins and views of internationally renowned designer, Ollie Anderson who visited his workshop in 2003.

Coppre has had a long association with Kadusaab over the years in developing a range of contemporary copper wares and in the recent since we launched in early 2012. He has an astute understanding of copper as a metal, is keen to explore, take risks, evolve.

He aspires to found a training school for continuing the legacy of his beloved craft. Apart from being a successful craft entrepreneur, Kadusaab would also make an excellent mentor for the young generation of Tambat craftspeople.

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