1.Tell us something about yourself and how did you get into jewellery design?

 Over the time, I've become more of a jewellery artist than designer! I like to be surrounded by beauty. I'm a very romantic person - literally and in the sense of art. My family background moulded my sense of aesthetics and jewellery happened by chance. It worked out well for my creative expression.  First it was at NIFT and then I did my masters with Creative Academy - Richemont Group. I worked under the legendary Giampiero Bodino and got a chance to work with brands like Cartier, Van Clef Arpels, Mont Blanc, etc. It completed a full circle: from working at the indian handicrafts sector to uber luxury. I came back and worked as their consultant for a while before Chicory Chai was born

2.What is your inspiration?                                                                                 

Times before I was born - before 1950s where I need to imagine how people lived. Their day to day life, the culture, the food - everything intrigues me; their methods and techniques being most influential. I love raw, bold things. I love antiques and I tend to spend a lot of time in museums on my travels. 

 3. State 3 factors which are unique to your designs

  • Bold forms
  • 100% handcrafted without using any technique of industrial mass production
  • No artificial plating 


 4. What are the upcoming trends in the jewellery sector and how does handcrafted jewellery fit into current trends?

Big and bold earrings are a rage! They steal the show these days. But what is really catching up is the new found individual identity where people are going in for customisation. They want something that truly reflects them and do not want to belong to the mass produced. 


5. Can you name one piece which is very special to you? And how/why you created it?

There was a single ear ornament that we made for a special documentary. It was made with silver, brass & copper using varies techniques like filigree, granulation, fretwork, repose & chasing. And yes, we also hand painted with acrylic colours as we couldn't achieve necessary colours with enamel. And then we wanted to work with natural patina for each of these metals in controlled environment. It didn't work in first two attempts. We cracked it the third time and till date it’s one of my personal favourites throughout my career. 




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