Wrapping up the year in Reflection and Gratitude!

A great way to end the year is to do so in reflection and gratitude. So here we are at the threshold of 2018, sending our notes of gratitude! Because it takes more than an idea and solid intent to build a social impact organisation; it takes a community.

Coppre has seen the light of day thanks to people, people and people- mentors, partners, patrons, artisans and more. Our journey has been eventful, full of surprises, both good and bad. But through our highs and lows there have been some individuals and teams who stand out, have encouraged us to go ahead, pushed us to believe in ourselves.

~Forbes Foundation and Mrs Rati Forbes~ one of the initiators of the Coppre project. Mrs. Forbes brought together the core team and supported the project for the first three years. Thank you dear Rati and Team for giving us the solid foundation we stand on today and your focus on sustainability has become ingrained in our organisation today.

~INTACH Pune Chapter and Mrs. Arti Kirloskar~ In its inception, INTACH Pune Chapter coordinated what was then Coppre - a livelihood development project funded by Forbes Foundation and coordinated by Intach Pune Chapter (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). It was 2012 and the Coppre project was launched in a show hosted by then convener of INTACH Pune, Mrs. Arti Kirloskar and Mrs. Rati Forbes. INTACH Pune continued to be the coordinating partner and the project was steered by Supriya Goturkar Mahabaleshwar till 2014. The co convener of INTACH Pune Sharvey Dhongde and member Jui Tawade supported our endeavour in a big way!

~Mr. Adhar Mirchandani~ Come 2013/14, Mr. Mirchandani supported Coppre lending his time, expertise and resources to build and strengthen the organisation we are today. Your relentless pursuit of excellence and pushing the boundaries of possibilities has inspired us inexplicably!

~ The Artisans~ You are the very raison d'être for our existence! You were unaware of your great treasures, inherited from forefathers of skills of a handcrafting tradition. It is our privilege and responsibility in shaping the next course the craft will take. Thankyou so much for being there with us and keeping alive the traditions of your forefathers and encouraging your future generations to carry forward this unique legacy.

Back in 2013 we received the craftmark certification when Aarushi from AIACA Delhi visited our craft precincts, interacted with our artisans and validated the handcrafted processes we follow. As we have grown, we continue to be a member and take part in their various outreach efforts. Thankyou team Craftmark for doing what you do best- capacity building, design development, market access and so many other activities for keeping the unique craft stories of India alive.

Lastly, we thank our patrons! We thank you for your discerning eye, for appreciating the great handcrafting traditions of our country, for choosing manmade over machine made. Your every choice is what keeps us going - literally and metaphorically!

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