In the yesteryears, handcrafting always flourished in the patronage of royalty. The royalty provided substantially for the artists to flourish creatively and otherwise. In the crumbling of royalty, handcrafted traditions suffered.

The Peshwas in Maharashtra patronized the artists and craftspeople of those days 
(PC: Thomas Daniell 1805.Court of the Peshwas Poona 1790) 

Studio Coppre came to being with one motive – to preserve and promote handcrafting traditions. We started with the Tambat craft of Maharashtra. And we're humbled that we have done our bit in reshaping its future trajectory in the new millennium. Our work seeks to reflect the legacy of great craftsmanship – its past and to help define its present and future.

Today it is up to us to make meaningful choices as modern day patrons and understand that our choices have far more consequences than just our lives and our homes.

In this blog, we feature two of our dear patrons who've adorned their beautiful homes with prettiness, some vintage, some new, some contemporized by Coppre, but each having a story to tell. Proudly presenting Vaibhavi Patil and Neeta Baxi.

Vaibhavi Patil

Vaibhavi has a one-of-a-kind green home powered by solar electricity, water harvesting and drip irrigation. Most of the rooms have natural light and there is a feel of warmth and laughter in all the shared spaces. This home which so effortlessly fuses the contemporary with tradition, displays many of Coppre's signature products like the Copper Pods, Royal floater, the Hurricane Lamp and the bunch vases along with her carefully curated décor collected from all over the world. 

A super host during the festive season (and otherwise), here she shows off her (Coppre's) cutlery and silver lined bowls to serve the traditional snacks.

Cutlery and silver plated bowls

Rosa bunch Vase


Neeta Baxi

Neeta another dear patron has a whole range of Coppre in her eclectic and minimalist home. Coppre products like the Copper Pods, Nature inspired floater, Fusion Lamp, Divinity Platter nestle easily in the nooks and corners of her beautifully crafted home. She is someone who believes in keeping traditions alive... and especially during the festive season. As she aptly puts - The tradition during festive season is to seek and give blessings and also to give gifts.

And guess what? This Diwali she has decided to gift all her loved ones Coppre gifts!

Divinity Platter


Coppre Coasters


 Are you using your Coppre goodies this festive season? Do share your décor and gifting stories and tag us. #backtoyourroots @studiocoppre @coppre

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