Have you moved into a new home? Or looking to revamp and revitalize corners of your home? Here are some of our handcrafted, utilitarian accents to add that element of newness and panache.

Pure Copper Floater and Urlis

A floater with flowers and tealights brings in a meditative and somber ambience. Try our Floaters that come in varying shapes and sizes – from the large royal floater as a centerpiece or the resonance floater for a nook. Most of our floaters can also double up for use as tableware to serve up an assortment of cookies or nuts.

One Box, So Many Uses

Our hand-etched copper boxes are unique and great for utility. Tuck away precious treasures for the little things that matter. Or store and serve knick-knacks like dry fruits or chocolates. You could use it to house your favourite jewellery, cosmetics or for storing stationery at your office desk.

Little Tealights Matter

The little things matter. And when it comes to Indian home décor and tealights, it definitely matters! Tealights are the new-age rendition of the age-old practice of lighting diyas each evening. Our tealights and votives light up and highlight the ambience and the skilfully rendered work of the artisans. Our copper tealights add a subtle richness and auspiciousness and is sure to fill any corner of your home with warmth and majesty.

Copper and Water- A Match Made in Heaven

We try to bring together old-world wisdom and new-age design in our Wellness series of Water Carafes and Tumblers. Highly recommended by Ayurveda, drinking copper-charged water is beneficial in more ways than one and in more ways than one. Our Wellness Water series is crafted in pure copper and will add the most authentic touch on Indianness with the goodness of Ayurveda.

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