Floral Housewarming Gift Hamper

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What better path to start the auspicious beginning of a brand new home than that of housewarming gifts in the form of an exclusive gift hamper inspired by flowers?

The Aham / Asmi flower lines are cutwork metal flower lines depicting the journey of the flower - Jasmine (Jasminum Sambac) / Lily (Lilium). These signify the reflection of self and the strength within all of us - a reminder of a community that always supports a fresh start of their loved ones.

The Petiole Tealight with this gift box is another hand-cut delight, modelled after fresh blooms - another element of new beginnings.

The Floral Housewarming Gift Hamper is a memorable souvenir for its receivers to keep - a reminder of new beginnings, growth, and of course - a charming addition to their forever abode.

Box Size: 8.25" x 7.75" x 2.5"

440 grams

Flower Line: 1, Copper, with a clear lacquer coat

Copper Tealight: 1, Copper, with a clear lacquer coat

Aroma Pouch: 1 pouch

Copper: Since copper is a pure metal, it oxidizes on exposure to the atmosphere. The lacquer coat retards the oxidation and helps retain the shop-sheen of the copper product. In time, your lacquered products may darken and the copper will begin to acquire a patina as it ages. To clean, wipe with a dry or soft moist cloth. Never wash your lacquered products