Diwali Divinity Gift Box

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Packed with divine pooja essentials, the Diwali Divinity Gift Box is an ideal hamper with exquisite pooja gift items. The pooja gift box is perfect to infuse rituals with a deeper sense of devotion and connection with the divine.

The Box consists of a pure copper handcrafted Divinity Platter, haldi & kumkum vials and quaint ghee battis - encapsulating the essence of spirituality for every auspicious occasion.

Gift an atmosphere of balance and harmony with Diwali Divinity Gift Box - to your loved ones, or as a housewarming souvenir to evoke positivity and divinity in new spaces and to replenish old ones too.

Box Size: 8.25" x 7.75" x 2.5"

300 grams

Pure copper and brass

Copper and brass oxidise on exposure to the atmosphere. In time, your copper/brass products may darken and begin to acquire a patina. Your product needs daily care to prevent oxidation. It should be washed with a soft cloth and a metal cleaning agent like Pitambari, lime & salt, or vinegar & salt or tamarind. Wipe dry immediately or else water residues will leave stains. Some waters cause dark spots on copper/brass. To remove, apply tamarind or vinegar or lime concentrate and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with clean water.