Konkan Urli

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Urlis or traditional floaters, are considered immensely auspicious in many communities in the Western Coast of Konkan in Maharashtra. The Konkan Urli, handspun and hand beaten in pure copper - is an ode to divinity and positivity, in a home or a space.

Float diyas, flowers or any decor of choice for an elevated centrepiece, be it your office or home. Also ideal as a fruit bowl, or travel memorabilia like shells, pebbles and much more. Gift this modern heirloom, or simply own a piece of our craft heritage with the Konkan Urli.

11.5'' dia x 1.6'' ht

515 gms

Copper with a clear lacquer coat

Since copper is a pure metal, it oxidises on exposure to the atmosphere. The lacquer coat retards the oxidation and helps retain the shop-sheen of the copper product. In time, your lacquered products may darken and begin to acquire a patina. To clean, wipe with a dry or soft moist cloth. Never wash your lacquered products. Serving dry foods on a lacquered copper product is safe, but always line the product with banana leaves or a doily or a muslin cloth while serving moist food. Never serve or store wet food in a copper product. You can however float tea-lights and flowers in your copper floaters, as water will not harm the lacquer finish. Change the water in your floater daily and wipe dry before the next use.

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