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Prayer Platter

Invoke the sattva or goodness in your home with our Prayer Platter. Comes with these accessories- incense holder, haldi-kumkum and rice holders, bell, ladle and cup for water, oil diya, camphor diya and a platter. Use as a prayer essential.

Elements of the Prayer Platter- 

Prayer Thali - 10.5'' dia x 0.7'' ht

Prayer Panchamrit - 3'' dia x 2.5'' ht

Prayer Bell - 2'' dia x 4.25'' ht

Prayer kumkum holders ( Set of 3  ) - 1.75'' dia x 0.6'' ht

Prayer Kapoor Diya - 2.25'' dia x 6.5'' L x 1'' ht

Prayer Oil Brass Diya - 2'' dia x 1.7'' ht

Prayer Agarbatti Stand - 1.5'' dia x 1.25'' ht

Prayer Brass Spoon - 1'' dia x 4.4'' L x 0.5'' ht

Weight: 1 kg

Material: Pure copper and brass

Delivery: 5 Days

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Rs. 3,600

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