Lotus Platter

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Kansa Platter, organizer thali or tray- no matter how you use it, our Kansa platter offers a modern-meets-old world vibe. Enhanced by Lotus motifs of AnulomVilom, these platters are made of Kansa which is known to have health benefits.

Eat on these handcrafted Kansa thali/platters for your Diwali meal.

9'' dia x 1'' ht

370 gms

Kansa (Bell Metal or Bronze)

Kansa has been used for centuries as tableware and is known for its health benefits. Your Kansa tableware is 100% food-safe. Kansa changes colour with use. Some Kansa products have a black finish on the outside, which will fade after a few washes due to its natural properties. To maintain your Kansa, clean with a soft cloth and Pitambari (metal polish) diluted with water or with lime & salt or vinegar & salt or tamarind. Wipe dry immediately or else water residues will leave stains. Do not use abrasive cleaning pads on your Kansa tableware.