Lily Bloom Christmas Ornament

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Our special floral cutwork copper and brass Christmas ornaments are inspired by the growing and blooming stages of four flowers - Lotus, Sunflower, Jasmine and Lily.

The Lily Bloom Christmas Ornament captures the blooming magic of nature's rebirth for your winter wonderland this holiday season. The lily, symbolising purity and renewal, transforms into a stunning winter bloom on your Christmas tree, infusing nature’s beauty and a sense of grace and tranquillity.

This Christmas embellishment is handcrafted in pure copper and adds an ambient glow. The Lily Bloom Christmas Ornament showcases the intricacy of lily blooms. The graceful contours make it a standout piece, symbolising the promise of new beginning, and a timeless floral elegance.

Choose from a range of versatile decorative ornaments - these are the perfect embellishments for your Christmas tree. Makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift for friends and family.

6.25'' L x 5'' W

55 grams

Coppre with a clear lacquer coat.

Since copper is a pure metal, it oxidises on exposure to the atmosphere. The lacquer coat retards the oxidation and helps retain the shop-sheen of the copper product. In time, your lacquered products may darken and the copper will begin to acquire a patina as it ages. To clean, wipe with a dry or soft moist cloth. Never wash your lacquered products.