artisanal: kansa craft

  • Kansa is an alloy of copper & tin
  • Working temperatures of Kansa: 600-1200C
  • Kansa is shaped by forging or by casting the alloy

Our Kansa (Bronze) wares are made by artisans of Rajasthan, Gujarat and West Bengal. Although the material remains the same, the tools and processes differ from state to state. The West Bengal Kansa is hand forged labouriously from alloy ingots, while others are shaped and finished from a casting process. A typical Kansa karkhana will work with ingots or smelted alloys at temperatures that range from 600-1200 degrees Celsius. Shaping and finishing of Kansa requires both strength and skill, every blow of the forging hammer has to fall at the right place in order to achieve the required shape of the product.

Lalchand Chand
Shanti Kalindi
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