artisanal: tambat craft

  • A 400-year old craft form
  • Skilled in hand-shaping copper & brass sheets
  • Hand beating skills have a machine-like precision
  • Artisans

Known for their superior hand-beating and shaping skills, this traditional craft form of Maharashtra has been in practice in its present from the time of Shivaji Maharaj and the subsequent Peshwa rulers. The identifing feature of this craft is matharkaam or hand indentation, a skill which is rare and of the highest level. The original work of the Tambat (coppersmiths) artisans comprised large installations like temple finials and idols and smaller puja and ritual wares, cooking utensils and servewares for domestic use. The advent of plastics and steel meant that the number of artisans practicing this craft dwindled, but today, the craft revival and livelihood programme under Coppre, has effected a resurgence in the demand of wares and an economic benefit for the coppersmiths.

Ajit Pimple
Mohan Chowgule
Viju Dakhve
Ganesh Karde
Bhalchandra Kadu
Sachin Kosamkar
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