artisanal: tant craft

  • Handwoven textile tradition
  • Weaving, Kantha work, Tailoring
  • 30 artisans
    in the

In a small village called Chaksimultala in West Bengal, the weavers’ looms make beautiful rhythmic sound as lengths of cotton yarn are intricately hand-woven into metres of fabric. This society of weavers called Chhandabrati, has about 30 artisans (both men and women) associated with the entire process of weaving, right from dyeing of the yarn, preparing bobbins, winding the yarn from hank to spool, weaving itself and also post weaving work like finishing, embroidery and making fringes. The looms and equipments in use today, were set up almost 45 years ago. This cluster uses azo-free dyes and has recently installed an effluent treatment plant; in keeping with international norms for eco-friendly waste disposal.

Sumitra Barik
Mabooda Begum
Purnima Barik
Brihaspati Jana
Gurupada Das
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