We believe in good design and keepsakes. Copper's very first range is a motley of objects.
And an ode to the beautiful metal, our namesake. It represents the aesthetic and utilitarian sensibilities of today.

This collection is more than a motley of objects. It is a vision. Of how to bring alive heritage while keeping the handcrafting process, sacrosanct.

The product range comprises of Tableware and Serveware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.

Each year, there comes a time when lamps are lit and flowers deck homes.

It is a time of merriment, food and family time. Festivities and mithais too.

The product range comprises of Tea-lights, Candle Light Holders and Tableware. Designs draw inspiration from nature.

Yesteryears are enchanting. They holster memories - the happy and sad ones. The things we did for adventure and thrill. They brim with truth, confidence and innocence.

It reminds us- of days filled with sand castles, water games and summer holidays spent in mango orchards.

Of nightfall braced by the comfort of grandmother's food and bedtime stories. There is a reason why old is gold. And vintage is treasured.

This product range has been inspired by a trunkful of vintage articles from Bangladesh, then East Pakistan. It comprises of Floaters, Tableware and Serve ware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.


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