Purpose-Driven Retail

If you are a retailer anywhere in the world and looking for ethical and sustainable products sourcing, collaborate with us to access our Nest certified ethically compliant workshops for creating sustainable livelihoods for our artisanal community.

We are proud to be the brand responsible for the revival of the copper craft of Maharashtra, a province in the western part of India.

Social Buying

We are creators of consciously crafted metal products for events and gifting purposes, festive or otherwise - for the socially conscious corporates

Collaborate with us for your social buying requirements. As a Women-led social enterprise brand as well as a Nest certified entity for ethical handcrafting, our products are well mandated for social buying.

Cultural Continuity

We understand the history, heritage and materials of a craft and design products relevant for consumers today. We also communicate these craft narratives and take not just a product to the customer but a whole culture encapsulated in a product.

Our products hence appeal to history and culture aficionados in Museum Stores, looking for products with a cultural identity.

We believe in long term sustainability of the artisan cluster we work with. Just enhancing the skillsets of the artisans is not enough. Hand holding them to the stage where they are independent enough to work with designers and other stakeholders, and creating market linkages for a continuous source of income is what we strive for.

The team today has the capability of making projects sustainable in the long run for wider artisanal impact. To achieve this we inject best enterprise-practices onto the craft sector which has brought about a shift in mindsets as well as livelihood remuneration, amongst the artisan communities we work with.

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