Lean Water Carafe

The Lean Carafe comes in a clean finish with two utilities rolled into one sleek water carafe-to store water and two tumblers to drink from. Stands tall and lean on a bedside table, kitchen counter or a dining table and inside the refrigerator. Inspired by the traditional lota design, with our addition of two glasses per carafe.

How to make Tamrajal or charge water with copper?

Wash and clean the water carafe

Wipe dry

Fill and store water for 8 hours

Consume on waking early, on an empty stomach for best benefits

Empty water from the carafe after 8 hours of storage

The copper we use at our Studio is:

Tested for purity, every batch

Sourced from a reliable source

Cleaned and purified before packaging

Some of the copper used is purified recycled copper minimizing the impact on the environment

Known benefits of drinking Tamrajal, copper-charged water:

Balances the doshas in the body which is the foundation of good health and well-being

Aids digestion and weightloss

Helps heal wounds faster

Water Capacity: 1.2 Ltr

Size: 4.1" dia, 9.85" ht.

Material: 99% pure Copper, unlacquered.

Weight : 610 grams



Rs. 3,500

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