Oval Bread Basket

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Bread baskets handwoven in bamboo.

Bamboo is a natural, malleable material which is wonderful to use for a product from an environmental sustainability point of view.

The round and oval baskets are woven by a group of women artisans from the North Eastern State of Tripura. The cluster has over 200 skilled artisans. The practice of bamboo weaving has been in the community since the 18th century.

Makal is the local name for Bamboo in Tripura. The artisans are primarily an agricultural community but also skilled in bamboo craft to keep them engaged the lean agricultural months.

It takes two days to make the Oval Bread Basket.

14'' x 10.25'' x 3.25''

100 grams


Your bamboo basket has been handcrafted from the finest bamboo from the North East part of India.

Line your basket with a soft cloth before placing your rotis and bread. To clean, use a soft damp cloth and dry wipe immediately. Store your bamboo baskets in a dry area, away from direct contact with moisture. Do not wash your basket under running water.