Terracopper Jug

Make a morning ritual of drinking copper-charged water with the Terracopper Jug. With a combination of handbeaten etches and plain surface, the jug reveals the innate sheen of copper. The silhouette is inspired by the simplicity of earthern water jugs. 

The Jug comes with a lid. You can pair it up with the Terracopper Tumblers.

Comes in two sizes, small and large

Water Capacity: Small 1 litre and  Large 1.2 litres

Material: 99% Pure copper,unlacquered with a Brass handle

Recommended: Store water overnight or for eight hours before consuming. Scrub and rinse daily, before storing water. Use soap to cleanse and tamarind for shine. Wipe the outer surface dry.


Rs. 2,900

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