At the core of Coppre's being is Tambat craft. And the core of Tambat craft is its Craftspeople.
Infact, it is impossible to separate one from the other.

The beauty of Coppre wares is such that each indvidual piece has received complete attention from its maker, the craftsman. It has been with him for atleast 3-4 days in the precincts of his home. He beats each and every individual indentation (called matharkaam, the most distinguishing feature of this craft), one at a time - with care, precision and detail. This makes the Tambat wares that you purchase 'special', doesn't it?

And that's why we encourage those who come in contact with us, those who are getting to know us, and those who purchase/d Coppre wares to understand little nuances of the craft, bits of its history, the heritage of its craftspeople and the evolution that the craft has been through and is undergoing.

In this vein, our blog will commence with a series of 'Portraits - Coppre's Craftspeople' by which you could know the makers of the product that you wish to buy or have already purchased.

Here's to the start of another year:
With the music of metal-hammering in the alleys of Tambat Ali,
To ideating contemporary designs that will make Tambat wares amicable to the now,
To the appreciation of this heritage craft and its handmade beauty
And permeating the lives of new people and going to places near and far.

To a meaningful and fulfilling 2013!

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